Slimes are not used for battle as far as attacking or defending goes but the +10-20 exp boost they give is good for leveling up your other cards. They are even more useful to quickly upgrade the level of your other cards via fusion. There are only two cards in the category Fusion which are Slimes. Other categories are Passion, Cool, Light and Dark.

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Green Slime

Green SlimesEdit

Green slimes can be found easily in the normal summons. Use them to upgrade R, HR, SR or HSR cards quickly by feeding them normal cards and HN cards. You may also feed them R and HR cards that you do not plan to use and need to free up some space in your deck. I have used a level 24 Green Slime on a level 1 SR and boosted it to level 38 right away.

You can max out every N, HN, R, HR, SR, HSR cards by feeding them a Lv.30MAX Green Slime, this saves you a lot of cards and gold.

The specs for Green slimes are:

  • Attack 1400
  • Defense 2400
  • Soldiers (max) 1200
  • Level (max) 30
  • Card cost 30

Skill 1 is Level Upper [Auto Skill]: Battle experience +10%.

Metal SlimesEdit

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Metal Slime

Metal Slimes have more attack and defense than the Green Slimes and are used in the same way. They are also harder to get.

The specs for the Metal Slimes are:

  • Atatck 2200
  • Defense 2200
  • Soldiers (max) 2000
  • Level (max) 40
  • Card cost 40

Skill 1 is Level Upper II [Auto skill]: Battle experience +20%