"Show me your bag! I'm taking your contraband!


SR Uriel

A member of the Heavenly Council of the Order. Upholds the rule of law both in and outside the council.Edit

Uriel is a Super Rare, Light card. Her max level is 50 and Card cost is 40. Can only be evolved once. Her Max attack is 6400, Max Defense is 6320 and Max Soldier is 7800.

Uriel's skill 1 is Discipline, boost all unit's ATK strength by 200% with 20% chance of activation

Uriel's skill 2 is Archwitch 10x dmg, 10x DMG to the archwitch. Only affects current arch witch

  • Base ATK 4000
  • Base DEF 3950
  • Base Soldiers 3900
  • Selling price 20000