"Want to cross blades with me?"

This expert fencer lives by the way of the sword. She is will loved by her disciples.Edit

Swordsman is a Normal Cool card with a max level of level 30 and card cost of 17. Her base stats are ATK 2150, DEF 1500, Soldiers 1300 and selling price of 100. Swordsman can only evolve once but she has a Evolution accident counter part.

Swordsman's skill is Quick draw which deals 150% damage to a single enemy with a 10% chance of activation each turn.

As a Cool card she will deal more damage to Passion card but also recieve more damage from them.

Swords man 1

Swordsman evolution one

Going through evolution she becomes a High Normal card with a max level of 40 and card cost of 20 and gains the following stat changes:
  • ATK 2365
  • DEF 1650
  • Soldiers 1430
  • Selling price 160