"Heheh. Want to get torn to shreds?"

A tribe of wolf people. Proud and ferocious but they are in fact very lonesome.Edit

Lycaon is a Normal Cool card with a max level of 30 and card cost of 18. Her base stats are ATK 1950, DEF 1650, Soliders 1750 and selling price of 100. Lycaon can evolve once and can also be used in Amalgamation with Barbarian.

Her skill is Bite which deals 150 damage to a single enemy with a 10% chance of casting each turn in battle.

As a Cool card it deals more damage to Passion cards, but also has a weakness against them.

Lycaon 1

Lycaon 1

After going through evolution she becomes a High normal card with a max levl of 40 and card cost of 22. Lycaon gains the following stat changes:
  • ATK 2145
  • DEF 1815
  • Soldiers 1925
  • Selling price 160

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