Rare Medals are use to purchase Arcana such as"Arcana forced ATF (+50 atk)". Medals can be obtained by completing quests or selling R or higher rarity cards( HR,SR, HSR). 

Farming MedalsEdit

1) Keep Mechanics(N) and Enchanter(N)

2) Amalgamate them to get Android(R) and sell them. Each Android(R) gives 25 medals while Android(HR) gives 40.

3) Keep Wizard (N) and Summoner (N)

4) Amalgamate them to get Sage (R) then exchange for medal. Each Sage(R) gives 100 medals.

5) Fuse in Amalgamate, a Gold Girl and a Metal Slime to a Medal Girl and sell her. Each Medal Girl you will get 1500 Medals!!

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