Some cards has a chance to evolve into another type of card from evolution - changing it's name/appearance/skill/atk&def.

Swordsman N -> Cutthroat HN

Wizard N -> Dark Wizard HN

Priest N -> Dark Priest HN

Summoner N -> Devil Summoner HN

Elf N -> Dark Elf HN

Dragon Knight N -> Dragon Slayer HN

Shepherd N -> Red Hood HN

Vorpal Bunny N -> Obariyon HN

Bandit N -> Idol HN

Sailor R -> Mind Flayer HR

Golem R ->Guardian HR

Dark Knight R -> Paladin R

Judge R -> Inquisitor HR

Isis R -> Nephthys R

Idler R -> Super Soldier HR

Millionaire R -> Poor HR

Little Angel R -> Little Devil HR

Seraph/Michael SR ->Lucifer HSR

Potential evolution *not confirmed*Edit

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