"Come on Spirits!"

A practitioner that manipulates 4 elements of the natural world.Edit

Elementalist is a Normal, Passion card with a max level of 30 and a card cost of 18. Her base stats are ATK 1900, DEF 1900 and soldiers 1450 and selling price of 100. She can be obtained through Amalgamation and can go through evolution once.

Elementalist's skill is Element defense which is an auto skill and raises her defence by 3%.

As a Passion card she deals more damage to Cool cards, but also has a weakness against them.


Elementalist evolution

Upon evolution she becomes a High Normal card, with a max level of 40 and card cost of 22 and gains the following base stats:
  • ATK: 2090
  • DEF: 2090
  • Soldiers: 1595
  • Selling price: 160